Appliances know!

In just the latest example of appliances quitting on you when you mention the need to replace them…..

I had just finished meeting with a new client in Redding a few days ago and we agreed in principle on the major aspects of a project we plan on starting in about 6 weeks. One item we included in our scope of work was to remove and replace a water heater that had been improperly installed and vented for the last 15 years (no need for too many details, lets just say it had to go). As we were wrapping up the meeting, the client and I decided to take one more quick look in the basement to clarify one of the items under discussion. We enter the basement, turn on the light and, of course, the water heater had sprung a leak. Two days earlier all was well, but….as soon as we had agreed to remove it, the heater said, “I will show you.” and let go.

We, of course, rallied the key players and removed and replaced the unit the next day but it sure would have been easier 6 weeks from now.

In the future, I plan on speaking softly around appliances regarding their eventual replacement, no need to start an uprising.

News and Notes from Bill

Successful Blower Door Test (1/27/16)

We passed our blower door testing today in Monroe with flying colors.  The maximum allowable air changes per hour (at 50 pascals) is 7.  The building scored a 5 with zero modifications.

I am very pleased with all our efforts and the attention to detail everyone paid along the way.  From sill plates to sheathing, plywood tape, elastic sealants and expanding foam, glue on drywall corners, blind and face caulk with trim and extra care with all penetrations has resulted in a tight, solid home.

I will be sharing the results and my satisfaction with all members of the crew.

Thanks to all.